Insert Skins and use own pictures is Ennes these games phenomena that in the ranks of simple games á la Flappy Bird enqueues, grouse and Co.. The simple gameplay attracts numerous players in front of the screen, which only want to distribute a short time before the screen and then invest hours in her cell. To customize the game experience, you can choose in skins for your character. Insert Skins and use own pictures

So you no longer clips as monotonous monochrome cell by the court, but have a colorful, your interests corresponding character. Meanwhile, it has managed by the browser on the smartphone screen, the game of skill. The skins can be selected on both the PC and on the Android and iOS versions of the game.

Play with Skins

Will you select a skin in, you can do through the game name before starting this. Of course you need it on your own behalf without, are allowed for hunting, however, with a colorful cell on the playing field.

So you can use skins in

  1. Starts the game in the browser or on Android / iOS.
  2. In the field, where you can actually submit your Game Name, you must add a special name.Behind every name is hiding a different appearance for the character.

Among the skins, there are various Memes, flags and other, mostly funny little pictures for the game. Ua following skins for are currently available:

  • 4chan
  • 9gag
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Croatia
  • Doge
  • Ea
  • Germany
  • Facepunch
  • Facebook
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • NASA
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Feminism
  • Stussy
  • Wojak
  • Yaranaika
  • And much more.

The list of available skins will be expanded continuously by the developers. An overview is their z. B. in

agario skins Insert your own skins?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to integrate completely custom skins in You can at Reddit submit their own creative proposals and so give developers an incentive to insert your own skin in the mini-game. Thus, the image can be used in the game, some conditions must be observed:

  • The image of the skin must have 512px x 512px size of.
  • The picture should be hand drawn and comply with the already available skins.
  • Select an appropriate name.
  • The skin should image on are hosted.
  • Begging will not help!
Advertisements tips, tricks and cheats for Android, iOS and PC captivated readers since weeks enthusiastic PC users against the screen and it has now managed on the screens of Android smartphones and tablets and iPhones. Thus you can find a quick introduction to the addictive game, there are the best tips and tricks for tips, tricks and cheats for Android, iOS and PC

The gameplay is very simple and of captivates yet for endless moments before the screen.Our beginners tips bring you a frustration-free and pleasurable start to the game and show you how to get quickly to the giant cell.

agar-io-2 Tips and tricks for survival

You start in as tiny little point and have to move down the field with this. Towards you are other players who want to eat you up. In addition, can be found in the game colorful fields that you can collect and bring special events in The following applies: The more colorful fields devour her, the larger and slower is your character. At the same time can you eat other players, but only those which are smaller than your character.

  • Before the start of the game you should be careful to select a server in Europe for your game. Thus preventing their annoying lags that could possibly get you into trouble.
  • Note that you also become slower with increasing size. Can separate her your cell and then chasing other players in Per Button.
  • To be able to eat other players, you have to be at least 10% greater than the opponent.
  • Splits her your cell area must be 33% larger.
  • Is controlled at about touches on the touch screen. So you can split the cell and transported in the direction opposing player.
  • On PC you your character controls in with your mouse, you can watch parts per spacebar.
  • The spacebar you can use primarily to escape.
  • Pay attention to the jagged, standing circles. This can you split into many small parts.
  • Stay away especially at the beginning of the playing field corners, because there can be difficult to escape.
  • Of course you can also join you in and go with others to hunt down opponents.

Latest version of agario browser game

As a browser game is “” for months already successful. Now the free online game has taken Apple’s App Store, is ranked one of the free apps.

Why all love this simple game?

If you do not yet know “”: The game principle is simple. You control to grow with your finger in a small circle on the screen and try.

This happens whenever you run over with your Fresszelle small hexagons or the smaller circle of another player.

Who has the biggest?

The larger your character is, the slower it is. So it is more difficult to get other players.

The goal: to become the largest Fresszelle of all – and so to lead the highscore list.

The success of “” surprised the game idea is not new. Games like the artistic “Flow” functioned quite similar – but not as an online game without players.

In addition, the graphics are not very good, the game looks as if a schoolchild scribbled on graph paper …

EnlargeThe player circles can be named or customize Emojis. On the top right you can see his current placement
The player circles can be named or customize Emojis. On the top right you can see his current placement
Photo: manufacturer

Why pulls “” millions of casual players into its spell?

“” does not need any long explanations, is to grasp very quickly. And it is fast and tactically interesting.

Two specific actions are available:

► You can share your cell to escape an attack and again to gain some speed.

► And you can hurl opponents part of the mass counter to grab distant competitors.

There are also green virus cells of the smaller players can hide and let the very large cells explode into many small.

► And it is even possible to play as a team, to feed each other and hunt in packs, but not in the app.

EnlargeThe green, serrated virus cells can be used as a hiding place, great players, they are against it dangerous
The green, serrated virus cells can be used as a hiding place, great players, they are against it dangerous
Photo: manufacturer

Yet the app displays a number of weaknesses: So there are sometimes violent jerks, control is nowhere near as precise as the mouse control of the original and (about 15 seconds) annoy the promotional videos and can not eliminate via in-app purchase.

Darwinism in the primordial soup

Perhaps the secret of “” is indeed a very different. Namely, that it can be interpreted wonderfully. The game is a mini model of Darwinism: the Stronger, Smarter, and sometimes the more fortunate wins.

Where “”, without any annoying sounds and music, totally unexcited as a slowly simmering before him primordial soup!

“” (free) download for iPhone and iPad, download for Android swallow to survive and grow

heavy-ion-1-1024x576 swallow to survive and grow

Appeal, the mobile game is quite large. Smart devices for use in a wide age range from 7 to 77, some games can appeal to both the large and small. The game can perform this embrace of “hits” to win the tag is not too much difficult. in the last period of the “hits” of the label is among the game.

heavy-ion-1-1024x576 swallow to survive and grow

Firstly, it must be mentioned that there is a game played in the indoor environment cycle. So not able to play without an internet connection. But the game is worth saying also that consume a lot of data. When asked to specify a nickname of the players started prompts. After writing the nickname “Connect” icon is touched when the adventure has a fairly simple logic. Players are colored circular objects are written to control the nickname. Collection of small dots at the top of the checkered background book format allows both scores gives the round object is magnified.However, this process does not take place until the collection is easily mistaken.

heavy-ion-1-1024x576 swallow to survive and grow

The basic rules “Big fish eat little fish.” It will not be mistaken as to qualify. Large round are controlled by other online players in our control that we can take further round to grow. Thus, escaped and the chase is not certain excitement becomes interesting.

heavy-ion-1-1024x576 swallow to survive and grow

The aim enter round icon touched emerged first five ranking in the top right of the screen to magnify as possible. However, larger round is not so easy as imagined. Only by collecting small points it takes a lot of time to reach a satisfactory size. Thus, after a certain time you have to catch and swallow round belonging to other players.

heavy-ion-1-1024x576 swallow to survive and grow

However, growth is not enough to solve all the problems. Round grows speed is decreasing. This division is dokunuluy icon in the lower right of the screen to overcome the problem. This icon makes the round of the separation into several parts and moves faster. The other icons in the lower right corner round body, it is possible to gain some speed throwing small pieces. impression and if the purposeless game, play many difficulties in connecting those who do not take him. due to be played in the online environment can turn on a message board for some people. the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store you can download through.

Webtip On the hunt for the Putin-bubble is a new online game with great addictive. In the form of a colorful bubble trying to Pacmanesque way to eat other bubbles and to be getting bigger.

Eat and be eaten – that’s what the Online Game that goes viral on the net currently. In the game a colorful bubble on the pitch must be navigated. The goal: to devour other smaller bubbles and thereby grow himself. Namely, the higher you get, the less competition, but one loses also to speed.

Although the game looks simple, but has a huge addictive. The colorful bubbles chase each other on the pitch and those who master the tricks that can divide and thus become a gang of predatory bubbles. In addition to the FFA (Free For All) mode can be in the team and a color to join.

Who plays will meet some familiar characters from politics and pop culture after a short time. So driving a huge Putin bubble mischief or you will be chased by a sonnenbebrillten Michael Jackson bubble. Also actors from the Internet sphere, for example, or Reddit Google, applies to you. On The Verge  is already speculation about the sociological and political backgrounds of the game – no wonder when you will suddenly devoured by a huge Kim Jong-un.

New skins for, political leaders

The popular is updated with new skins based on political leaders around the world. Who will become the largest among the world leaders?

The guys not seem to be sitting on our laurels enjoying the popularity obtained from their browser game, but rather, they seem ready to tackle the persistent desire of new skins by players around the world. Obviously they can not please everyone, but we are seriously trying. It appears to be a new air with regard to the skin for our cells. In fact they were granted new skin dedicated to world political leaders.


On July 25 they were added on skin dedicated to Berlusconi, Cameron, Clinton, Hillary, Venezuela, Blatter, Chavez, Cuba, Fidel, Palin, Queen, Boris, Bush, Trump. In fact, just write one of these names in the starting phase of the game to play with our personalized cell. What do you think of the new skins? And above all, being able to choose, which would you like skin in the game? In any case, to follow will leave you with a gallery showing all the new skins for .

From Hack tools to Cheats

Emerging as one of the most popular games in the browser and the mobile app sector, provides hours of fun and entertainment to gamers, owing to its highly addictive nature, there are millions of players across the world who are hooked to the simple mechanics and game play which is completely free of charge, however with some ads that randomly show up which can be disabled by donating to the developer to further support him, however if you are playing in your browser, there is an easier way to get out of paying for disabling the ads without the use of any complex hack tool, this can be achieved by simply installing a plug in for goggle chrome known as ad block plus which is one of the most popular and downloaded plug-ins today, the plug in works on a very simple principle, whichever ads tend to show up on the screen, the plug-in runs a unique algorithm which blocks out all the ads which appear on the website.

In the game, you are asked to enter a nickname which will be used to identify your cell, now this nickname can also be changed depending upon your facebook login, now in order to achieve the highest score in the game does not depend upon the amount of score that you generate over a course of time of game play,

it depends more on the amount of mass that your cell generates over the course of game play. In order to gain more mass, the player must consume the pellets that are scattered throughout the game, the meter records the amount of mass the cell gains, this is often referred to the players as grazing, this allows the initial build up of the cell, now as the cell grows, at one point the cell will begin to lose mass as it grows and the pellets will no longer be able to sustain it, at this point the cell must start consuming other cells in the dish to survive, however if the cell at a particularly large size is being chased down by a bigger cell, you can easily spilt the cell into smaller cells by pressing the spacebar button which will then split the cell into two different parts. This allows the cell to easily escape in case of any tight situations or pursuits by bigger cells and as well allows for much faster and easier consumption of other cells as well.


Now if the player does not wish to split his cell, as noted earlier, the cell which has a very big mass tends to slow down which then makes it vulnerable to the other lingering cells, in order to escape the situation, simply press W, doing so will immediately launch a pellet and decrease the mass of your cell, this allows for your cell to move faster and become much more agile, this is also useful in making use of the viruses that are scattered across the Petri dish, if enough pellets are fired at the virus, it will tend to grow and eventually split based on the direction of the shot, this is particularly useful in case you are being chased by a larger cell which the virus will consume and leave your cell safe from your opponent’s attack.

Another way to easily gain the advantage is to use the physics of the game against your opponents on the dish, to do so, the cell should hunt the other cells diagonally, doing so works out as an advantage to your cell as the game utilizes a simple physics engine which allows singular movement energy patterns, which means if a cell is moving on a straight line, it’s using its energy in its lateral motion, a diagonal approach allows your cell to easily cut off the cell and not allow it time to recover itself and allow it to be consumed, this is a very useful hunting tactic against other people who tend to use the speed hack in the hack tools and gain the advantage over their cell, another way is to use the virus cells to your advantage, this works mostly in the case of cells that are much larger than your cell, by luring them towards a virus, upon contact, the virus will cause the large cell to explode, effectively killing the mass of the cell and causing pellets and little cells to break off from the big cell, at this point, the player can take advantage of the situation and quickly consume all the remaining cells and pellets and quickly gain the mass of the enemy cell. The hack is however available only for the browser version only and is compatible with all the browsers.